Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lewis Hamilton Has a Thing for Michael Caine!

We all know about the army of fans Michael Caine has, and it doesn’t come as a shock if someone says his or her heart will skip a beat at the thought of being with the veteran actor.

But if I tell you that the Caine bug has smitten one of the world’s fastest man on Formula 1 machine, then you, too, will be taken aback!

Recently, Lewis Hamilton confessed that working with Caine was like a dream come true. He is working with Caine on Cars 2, which will soon be hitting the theatres. The movie is the second installment of Cars, which set records on the box office, and the new version is expected to repeat the history.

Raking in personalities like Caine and Hamilton will surely take the picture to another level.

Hamilton further reflected that he has followed Caine religiously since he was a kid, and went on adding that being a part of such a project is an honor in itself.

Well, Hamilton, I don’t blame you for being so jumpy about working with Caine. He has that type of effect on people. The 78-year-old, Caine has worked with one of the biggest names in the cinema world and is a brand in itself.

To watch Caine’s voice weave magic, you can either Watch Cars 2 Online or view it on the big screen as it is not every day that Caine becomes a part of an animation project (to think, it will be happening the second time)!


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