Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Michael Caine Keeps an Eye on Katy Perry!

This piece of news will surely make Katy Perry go pink in face. The singer would not have expected such a revelation involving herself and the legendary actor, Michael Caine.

Michael, it was recently revealed, is a diehard fan of the songstress as he can’t stop humming her ‘Firework’ song. The man would have kept her love for Katy under covers, but Vanessa Hudgens played spoilsport. 
Vanessa and Michael have been shooting for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, from quite some time. And while roaming on the sets, Vanessa heard the veteran sing the same song again, and again!

This confirmed Michael’s liking for Katy, and Vanessa soon let the secret out in the open. Vanessa joked that Michael used the tune to keep the spirits of the crew high! 
Well, whatever the reason may be, there is no doubt that Katy did leave an impact on the actor! 
Coming to Michael’ work front, he seems to be stumbling into some new horizons. He has lent his voice to one of the machines in Cars 2, a much anticipated movie that would hit the theatres on June 24.

Now, we all know what this actor can do on-screen, and it would be quite interesting to see how the chips fall, when he goes for his second voice job.

Download Cars 2 when it releases to see the 78-year-old veteran walk a new path.


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