Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Owen Wilson’s Midnight Act!

Owen Wilson does know a thing or two about remaining in news! His ‘Midnight Act’ seems to be dominating the minds of gossip-addicts. 
Hey…pull the brakes on your dirty mind!
I am talking about her act in “Midnight in Paris!”

The movie marked the opening of Cannes Festival and as expected, the movie swept the audience off their feet. The film is the brain child of the maverick, Woody Allen and has been garnering all the hype after its screening.

Wilson is playing the role of Gil, who will set off to Paris with his future in-laws.

Now, I don’t need to brag about the movie because if the names of Owen Wilson and Woody Allen are associated with the project, then it has to be fantastic.
Owen Wilson’s upcoming performances do not end here, as very soon a car-crazy movie featuring him as a voice actor will hit the theatres.

I am talking about the second installment of 2006 blockbuster, Cars. This movie, titled as Cars 2, will release on 22nd of July. Owen Wilson will again voice the Lightning McQueen, who will be heading for an international adventure this time.

Watch Cars 2 online (after its release) and get set to experience entertainment with a difference!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Michael Caine Keeps an Eye on Katy Perry!

This piece of news will surely make Katy Perry go pink in face. The singer would not have expected such a revelation involving herself and the legendary actor, Michael Caine.

Michael, it was recently revealed, is a diehard fan of the songstress as he can’t stop humming her ‘Firework’ song. The man would have kept her love for Katy under covers, but Vanessa Hudgens played spoilsport. 
Vanessa and Michael have been shooting for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, from quite some time. And while roaming on the sets, Vanessa heard the veteran sing the same song again, and again!

This confirmed Michael’s liking for Katy, and Vanessa soon let the secret out in the open. Vanessa joked that Michael used the tune to keep the spirits of the crew high! 
Well, whatever the reason may be, there is no doubt that Katy did leave an impact on the actor! 
Coming to Michael’ work front, he seems to be stumbling into some new horizons. He has lent his voice to one of the machines in Cars 2, a much anticipated movie that would hit the theatres on June 24.

Now, we all know what this actor can do on-screen, and it would be quite interesting to see how the chips fall, when he goes for his second voice job.

Download Cars 2 when it releases to see the 78-year-old veteran walk a new path.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lewis Hamilton Has a Thing for Michael Caine!

We all know about the army of fans Michael Caine has, and it doesn’t come as a shock if someone says his or her heart will skip a beat at the thought of being with the veteran actor.

But if I tell you that the Caine bug has smitten one of the world’s fastest man on Formula 1 machine, then you, too, will be taken aback!

Recently, Lewis Hamilton confessed that working with Caine was like a dream come true. He is working with Caine on Cars 2, which will soon be hitting the theatres. The movie is the second installment of Cars, which set records on the box office, and the new version is expected to repeat the history.

Raking in personalities like Caine and Hamilton will surely take the picture to another level.

Hamilton further reflected that he has followed Caine religiously since he was a kid, and went on adding that being a part of such a project is an honor in itself.

Well, Hamilton, I don’t blame you for being so jumpy about working with Caine. He has that type of effect on people. The 78-year-old, Caine has worked with one of the biggest names in the cinema world and is a brand in itself.

To watch Caine’s voice weave magic, you can either Watch Cars 2 Online or view it on the big screen as it is not every day that Caine becomes a part of an animation project (to think, it will be happening the second time)!

Monday, June 6, 2011

What is Owen Wilson Doing in Japan?

Everybody knows that Cars 2 will hit the big screen soon, and Owen Wilson will waive the wand of his magical voice to bring alive the Lightning McQueen!

Sadly, there hasn’t been much news about the film. Perhaps, the movie’s bosses want to keep the matters shrouded and catch the audience unawares.

But ladies and gentlemen, I have finally got hold of a juicy piece of information regarding Cars 2! And the information is that Owen Wilson will be speeding the tracks of Japan in the first clash of World Grand Prix!

Oops! Sorry! By Owen Wilson, I mean the Lightening McQueen!
The news is that McQueen, while attending the World Grand Prix will find itself in Japan.

Japan will witness the first clash of the cars. McQueen has to clench this race to be a part of the next two events. The buzz has it that if McQueen loses the very first race, the World Grand Prix would be a distant dream.

And the race would not be a simple one. The feisty Francesco, who prides the F1 title on his dashboard, will be the biggest road bump on McQueen’s way!
Now that the stakes are high, it would be interesting to see what happens when the two cars scorch the tarmac in Japan.

And if the craving for the hilarious Cars 2 does not die even after going through the movie once, you can watch Cars 2 online whenever you like!
Now you know what Owen Wilson is doing in Japan!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Owen Wilson is now Horatio!

Owen Wilson is now Horatio!

It’s hard to make a name in the world of voice acting. However, things become easy when you are Owen Wilson!

The voice actor has made a name for himself in the world, where your words bring money in your wallet. Of late, his work in Cars 2, the animated movie, where cars will run amok, is making news. The second installment of the hilarious movie series will be hitting the theatres on 24th of June and looking at the buzz surrounding this 3-D comedy movie, its premiere might be marked by filled-to-capacity theaters. You can download Cars 2 (after its release) to enrich your movie collection.
The other pleasing news about the talented actor is that he recently tied up with Hertz, the rental car service provider. Hertz bosses have come up with a mascot named Horatio, and want Owen to voice the yellow-colored creature.

Now, this doesn’t come as a surprise, as Owen’s voice has all that it takes to invite viewer-attention!