Monday, June 6, 2011

What is Owen Wilson Doing in Japan?

Everybody knows that Cars 2 will hit the big screen soon, and Owen Wilson will waive the wand of his magical voice to bring alive the Lightning McQueen!

Sadly, there hasn’t been much news about the film. Perhaps, the movie’s bosses want to keep the matters shrouded and catch the audience unawares.

But ladies and gentlemen, I have finally got hold of a juicy piece of information regarding Cars 2! And the information is that Owen Wilson will be speeding the tracks of Japan in the first clash of World Grand Prix!

Oops! Sorry! By Owen Wilson, I mean the Lightening McQueen!
The news is that McQueen, while attending the World Grand Prix will find itself in Japan.

Japan will witness the first clash of the cars. McQueen has to clench this race to be a part of the next two events. The buzz has it that if McQueen loses the very first race, the World Grand Prix would be a distant dream.

And the race would not be a simple one. The feisty Francesco, who prides the F1 title on his dashboard, will be the biggest road bump on McQueen’s way!
Now that the stakes are high, it would be interesting to see what happens when the two cars scorch the tarmac in Japan.

And if the craving for the hilarious Cars 2 does not die even after going through the movie once, you can watch Cars 2 online whenever you like!
Now you know what Owen Wilson is doing in Japan!


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